Communicating Your Business Sustainability Actions

Communicating Your Business Sustainability Actions

Be transparent about the actions you’re taking, and the impacts you’re having. Supporting consumers with specific though accessible detail that educates and informs is a win-win for everyone, for business and the consumer. We need to move beyond broad generalisations and vague statements that say nothing of value. 

People deserve and demand better quality information.

Plan and Organise

It’s important to plan and prepare your messaging by identifying your 3 PsPurpose, People, and Point. You want to be known as a dependable source of information, one that can be trusted and is credible. Developing consistent and thoughtful messages will support you in this endeavour.

Ask yourself:

Be sure to translate your actions into content that is digestible, with enough detail and depth that people are engaged and curious to read and know more. 

Genuine actions count.

The climate crisis calls for drastic and collective action. It calls for strong leadership from all of society, from individuals, communities, governments, and businesses which hold a crucial role in achieving the required reduction in global GHG emissions needed to avoid the worst effects of climate change. 

All businesses big and small have the power to lead by doing. 

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